Chairman Oathbeard

A decorated dwarven warlord who defended Lolith in a previous war


Oathbeard made a name for himself many years ago when he commanded the defense of Lolith against the invading Orc army, commanded by infamous Orc Warboss Gazz’kul. He was a captain in the Lolith militia at the time, serving under General Krulak. When Krulak led his main force outside the city walls to meet and destroy the Orc army, he was ambushed on the flank by Warg riders, causing chaos and a complete rout of his forces. He fell on the battlefield, trying to rally his troops against overwhelming waves of Orc attackers.

Oathbeard was left in charge of the city defense with his men while Krulak led his men to a supposed victory. With the commander gone, Oathbeard was forced to use some quick thinking to shore up Lolith’s defenses and repel the first wave of invaders. He conscripted the help of the young and women to give resistance to the invading army on every street, house, and alley. He booby-trapped gates, doors, and passageways to slow the enemy progress, and then took to the sewers with the strongest force he could muster. By sneaking through the sewers to the outside of the city, he was able to cut off the retreat of the Orc army and wipe out almost all of it. Gazz’kul was killed, and the remaining orcs fled into the mountains

Chairman Oathbeard

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