Dragon Man! Vigilante of Lolith

Common man by day, Dragon-Man by night!


Level 3 Human Vigilante

STR 14 CON 15 DEX 16 INT 11 WIS 11 CHA 16

AC 18 Fort 16 Ref 17 Will 15 Init +4 HP 30 Atk vs. AC +8 Atk vs. other defenses +5

Weapons: Dragon Breath Rod (exotic) – [Encounter] Use dragonborn’s dragon breath skill. Based on CHA. +5 to atk vs. reflex, 1d6+3 damage per target, close blast 3.

Dragon Claw (exotic) – +1 scythe with a dragon claw for the blade. 2d4+3 damage. Causes victim to bleed ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

Dragon’s Roar – small marbles that can be thrown to the ground to release a dragon’s roar, causing anyone nearby to shake in their boots. Causes all those in close blast 5 to fear the dragon man and be stunned for one round (+5 atk vs. will). If target is hit, every time dragon man attacks the target, he makes an additional attack (+5) vs. will. If it hits, target flees next round (single move action away, end turn).

Dragon Wings – [Daily, Immediate Interrupt] Dragon Man wears a pair of wings strapped around his chest. Once a day, he can call upon the magic within them to give him the power of flight for a single round. He can move in any direction 6 squares. If he is not on the ground by the end of his move, he floats to the nearest patch of ground safely.

Armor: Dragonskin – +1 hide armor, made from the skin of a young dragon whelp. Fitted to his specific proportions (can’t wear it if you are a much different size)


Dragon Man is actually Tom Knuckersby. He was a hunter and trapper who lived outside of Lolith until his family was brutally murdered by some brigands. He was out hunting when it happened, but when he returned and saw what happened, it drove him mad.

As he was burying his family, a young dragon whelp was flying nearby, looking for food. It tried to eat Tom, but he got the best of it. Staring into the dying eyes of the young dragon, he thought this was what it meant to be a predator, and he decided that he would not be prey for evildoers ever again. So using his master crafting skills, he forged his gear from the remains of the dragon, and sought the help of a local wizard to enchant some of his gear.

Since then, he’s been patrolling the city at night, walloping villains and protecting the innocent. Yet he is so delusional at this point, that he sometimes mistakes innocent people for bad guys.

Dragon Man! Vigilante of Lolith

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