Welcome to the streets!

“When the streets get hungry, the streets gonna eat.”

This campaign starts on the streets of Lolith, a busy city near the coast. You are a young boy (or girl) living on the streets, trying to just get by. Like your friends, you were orphaned at an early age, so you learned to take care of yourself. Now you live in an abandoned home, trying to steal enough food and coin to get through the day, and playing pretend with your friends when there’s free time. You wish you could grow up to become powerful and famous like the adventurers that pass through the city frequently, but without money to enter a guild or academy to teach you the necessary skills, such dreams seem hopeless.

Players: Roll up a level one character (Core Books only, unless specifically allowed by DM), and create a player page with name, stats, and a backstory if you so choose. Roll or point buy.

XP will be awarded based on moving the story along, completing quests, and performing well in various encounters.

Example: Jojo is a level 1 Rogue. Her party encounters a trap in a dungeon, and Jojo disables it, enabling the party to cross safely. This type of activity will garner an XP award.

Another Example: Mandy is a level 5 fighter. Her party is taking a beating from some orcs, and the party wizard is about to fall unconscious. She uses some exceptional maneuvering and tactics in order to save the wizard from incurring any further damage. This will be rewarded with an XP bonus.

Step Up 3: Rise of the Street Urchins

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